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    VLSI Training and Placement Program

    VLSI is the advanced level of computer microchip miniaturization. It provides circuit designs with high computational speed and less power dissipation. It also requires less circuit board area and helps achieve greater speeds and reliability at lower costs. Today, VLSI circuits can be found everywhere, from computer and car, to digital camera and mobile phones. However, it requires lots of expertise on several fronts within the VLSI field to develop these products.


    VLSI stands for very-large-scale integration. It is the technique of developing integrated circuits (IC) by combining thousands of transistor-based circuits into a single chip. These days, almost all modern chips are designed with the use VLSI architectures or ULSI (ultra large scale integration).

    VLSI has revolutionized semiconductor industry and has a wide range of applications in the industries such as Consumer Electronics, Automobiles, Space Applications, Robotics, Microwave and RF, MEMS, Cryptography, Health, DSP, and Communications industry.


    • Provide an overview of the fundamental principles of VLSI, ASIC / FPGA design.
    • Give the understanding of the characteristics of CMOS circuit construction.
    • Impart experience designing integrated circuits using CAD tools.
    • Analyse the basic building blocks of large-scale digital integrated circuits.
    • Help design functional units such as adders, multipliers, ROMs, and SRAMs.

    VLSI Applications

    VLSI can be used in the design and implementation of VLSI/ULSI and microelectronic systems. Its applications range from computer systems to automotive to consumer electronics. Some of the research and development areas where VLSI is employed include:

    • Systems Specifications
    • Design and Partitioning
    • High performance computing and communication systems
    • Neutral Networks
    • Wafer-scale Integration
    • Multi-module Systems

    Scope of VLSI

    In the recent years, there has been a significant increase in the demand for chip driven products in consumer electronics, medical electronics, communication, aero-space, computers and many other sectors. Seeing this phenomenal market demand, more and more chip designing companies have set up their units in India eying on the Indian talents. Moreover, many of the Indian Major IT companies have also forayed in Application Specific Integrated

    Circuit (ASIC) design in a big way.

    With the design & manufacturing market (both domestic & international) expanding rapidly, there is an enhanced demand of trained professionals who will boost the technical work force in the VLSI domain.

    Training Process of VLSI

    VECTOR Institute provides the students with the complete knowledge about ASIC and FPGA design flow. Our VLSI training process has been designed by keeping in mind the current requirements of today’s semiconductor industry. Our VLSI trainers, with the prime focus on ASIC, train the VLSI students in front-end design and ASIC verification practices.

    We, at Vector Institute, aims to equip the VLSI students with all the necessary skill sets in VLSI to not only find a job in blue chip companies, but also build a long-lasting and successful career in ASIC and FPGA design-based industry.

    Our VLSI training components are comprised of:

    • System Verilog
    • VMM and OVM
    • VLSI Design Methodologies
    • RTL Coding
    • Synthesis Process
    • Digital design fundamentals
    • FPGA implementation and configuration of target devices(FPGA)

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