VECTOR India's Embedded Hardware Lab is equipped with 8051, ARM, PIC Microcontroller kits with accessories to facilitate experiments on interfacing and hardware. Customized kits are also made available that will suit the requirements of the course.

VECTOR Institute’s Embedded Hardware Lab acquaints the students with the different hardware platforms used in Embedded Systems, and helps students to solve the same task both with a CPLD and a microcontroller each to clarify the difference between the two implementations.

VECTOR’s Hardware Lab includes two divisions – Training Division and R& D Division. If the Lab concerning Training Division strengthens and reinforces Embedded learning, the R&D Division is concerned to creates avenues for creativity and innovation.

The Hardware Labs at VECTOR Institute help in reinforcing classroom learning of students, by providing actual hands-on-experience. Our Hardware Labs also promote innovative thinking of Embedded students who aim to go a mile ahead in building new applications.

  • Our Hardware Labs are equipped with computers that have Cross Development Soft Tools – for developing, building and debugging firmware applications for microcontrollers – 8051, AVR, PIC, &ARM.
  • Our PCs installed with Simulators which give an attractive simulation environment, to enable aspirants to start projects right from the scratch and finish them with ease and confidence.
  • It means that, a beginner can easily learn about microcontrollers based embedded solutions without any hardware. An experienced designer may find most of the required facilities built in the simulators that enable one to complete their next project without waiting for the target hardware.
  • Each student is assured of definite savings in time and increase in productivity.
  • We provide Hardware Advanced Trainer Kits that will help students in getting a chance to realize hurdles faced in real time.
  • We will also provide guidance on how to prepare them to overcome hurdles using the required thought process.
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