Highest Packages

Highest Packages Among Recent Recruiters : (2021,2020,2019,2018,2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 & 2010)

  • 15.4 LPA is the highest package received so far.

Note: There are many other companies which offered good packages. Average Package of 4.5 LPA maintained so far.


Nov 2021Samsung Semiconductor14.25 LPA
Nov 2021Scientific Games8.5 LPA
Nov 2021Microchip7.0 LPA
Oct 2021GE Transportation7.5 LPA
Oct 2021Toshiba Software6.5 LPA
Sept 2021HoneyWell6.5 LPA
Sept 2021GE Transportation7.5 LPA
Sept 2021Continental Automotive6.5 LPA
Aug 2021Infineon15.0 LPA
Aug 2021Hinduja Tech4.5 LPA
Aug 2021ZF India4.25 LPA
July 2021Ampere Computing12.5 LPA
July 2021Valeo5.5 LPA
July 2021Technicolor6.5 LPA
June 2021Honeywell6.0 LPA
June 2021Verifone6.0 LPA
May 2021LG Soft4.6 LPA
May 2021Robert Bosch4 LPA
May 2021Toshiba Software India6 LPA
April 2021Continental Automotive5.5 LPA
April 2021ZF India4.75 LPA
April 2021GE Transportation8 LPA
March 2021Siemens8 LPA
March 2021F5 Networks10 LPA
March 2021Faurecia India5.5 LPA
Feb 2021Mercedes-Benz7.5 LPA
Feb 2021Faurecia India5.5 LPA
Feb 2021Microchip7.5 LPA
Jan 2021Continental Automotive5.5 LPA
Jan 2021Microchip7.5 LPA
Jan 2021Sandvine8 LPA
Dec 2020Microchip7.5 LPA
Dec 2020Team F14.5 LPA
Dec 20204.5 LPA
November 2020Team F14.6 LPA
November 2020AITECH Innovation4 LPA
November 2020Sandisk India(Now WDC)3 LPA
October 2020Microsemi( Now Microchip)7 LPA
October 2020Alcatel Lucent6.5 LPA
October 2020Toshiba Software6.5 LPA
Septempber 2020TransDigm3.8 LPA
Septempber 2020Lear Automotive4 LPA
Septempber 2020United Technologies(Carrier)3.75 LPA
August 2020Reliance Jio Infocomm3.5 LPA
August 2020SASKEN Technologies3.7 LPA
August 2020Tata Power Mumbai3.9 LPA
July 2020LG Soft India4.8 LPA
July 2020Kodiak Networks(Motorola)4 LPA
July 2020Team F14.6 LPA
June 2020Microsemi( Now Microchip)7 LPA
June 2020LG Soft India4.8 LPA
June 2020Mitel Communications4 LPA
May 2020LG Soft India4.8 LPA
May 2020Analog Devices7 LPA
April 2020LG Soft India4.8 LPA
April 2020HCL Technologies3 LPA
April 2020Bluebird3 LPA
March 2020LG Soft India4.8 LPA
March 2020Tata Power Mumbai3.9 LPA
February 2020Verifone7.2 LPA
February 2020Nagravision4.5 LPA
February 2020Team F14.6 LPA
January 2020LG Soft India4.8 LPA
January 2020TOSHIBAIndia6.5 LPA
January 2020F5 Networks8.8 LPA
December 2019Hyundai Mobis4.6 LPA
December 2019Continental Automotive4.5 LPA
December 2019T P Vision4.25 LPA
November 2019TeamF14.6 LPA
November 2019Continental Automotive4.5 LPA
November 2019Robert Bosch4.2 LPA
October 2019Toshiba6.5 LPA
October 2019ZF India4.75 LPA
October 2019Thundersoft4.5 LPA
September 2019Verifone7.5 LPA
September 2019GE Transportation7.5 LPA
September 2019Technicolor5 LPA
August 2019Continental Automotive5.5 LPA
August 2019ZF Automotive4.75 LPA
August 2019Mitel Communications4.5 LPA
July 2019GE Tranportation7.5 LPA
July 2019Valeo india5.2 LPA
July 2019EmbedUR5 LPA
June 2019Toshiba6.5 LPA
June 2019Meeami Technologies5 LPA
June 2019Cambium networks4.5 LPA
May 2019Continental Automotive4.6 LPA
May 2019Aptiv Automotive4.5 LPA
May 2019TeamF14.5 LPA
April 2019Alcatel-Lucacent6.5 LPA
April 2019Valeo India5.2 LPA
April 2019Bombardier5 LPA
March 2019SanDisk15.4 LPA
March 2019Verifone7 LPA
March 2019Toshiba6.5 LPA
February 2019Sandvine5 LPA
February 2019Embed UR5 LPA
February 2019Allegion4.5 LPA
January 2019HoneyWell5.5 LPA
January 2019Adtran5 LPA
January 2019Osram Continental4.5 LPA
December 2018Ford India5.5 LPA
December 2018VectorCast5.0 LPA
December 2018TeamF14.5 LPA
November 2018Verifone7.0 LPA
November 2018Exicom5.0 LPA
November 2018Kodiak Networks(Motorola)4.5 LPA
October 2018Vector Cast5.0 LPA
October 2018Valeo India4.3 LPA
October 2018Magenti Mareli4.0 LPA
September 2018Sandisk9.0 LPA
September 2018Verifone7.0 LPA
September 2018Continental Automotive4.5 LPA
August 2018Team F14.5 LPA
August 2018ThunderSoft4.5 LPA
August 2018Continental Automotive4.2 LPA
July 2018Meeami Technologies5.0 LPA
July 2018Hella India3.75 LPA
July 2018MindTree3.25 LPA
June 2018Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise6.0 LPA
June 2018Elear Solutions4.8 LPA
June 2018Rockwell collins4.4 LPA
May 2018Valeo4.28 LPA
May 2018AMI3.0 LPA
April 2018Continental Automotive6.0 LPA
April 2018Infineon5.6 LPA
April 2018Kodiak Networks4.5 LPA
March 2018Honeywell5.0 LPA
March 2018Renault Nissan5.0 LPA
March 2018Robert Bosch4.2 LPA
February 2018Sandisk9.6 LPA
February 2018Erwin India5.0 LPA
February 2018A10 Networks4.8 LPA
January 2018Robert Bosch4.2 LPA
January 2018Harman4.2 LPA
January 2018Magneti Marelli4.0 LPA
December 2017Rockwell Collins4.9 LPA
December 2017Valeo India4.5 LPA
December 2017Allegion4.5 LPA
November 2017Vector Cast7.0 LPA
November 2017Synopsis5.5 LPA
November 2017Allgo Embedded5.2 LPA
October 2017Rockwell Collins4.9 LPA
October 2017Hyundai Mobis4.6 LPA
October 2017Robert Bosch4.2 LPA
September 2017Microsemis10.7 LPA
September 2017Harman4.2 LPA
September 2017Robert Bosch4.2 LPA
August 2017Microsemi10.7 LPA
August 2017Sandisk9.6 LPA
August 2017Visteon Corporation4.5 LPA
July 2017Xilinx13.6 LPA
July 2017ABB India Limited7.2 LPA
July 2017Cavium Networks7.2 LPA
June 2017Kodiak Networks4.5 LPA
June 2017Magneti Marelli4.0 LPA
May 2017Synopsys4.5 LPA
May 2017Saankhya Labs3.6 LPA
May 2017Microsemi3.0 LPA
April 2017Meeami Technologies5.0 LPA
April 2017Robert Bosch4.2 LPA
April 2017Valeo3.0 LPA
March 2017Rockwell Collins4.9 LPA
March 2017AutoLiv4.0 LPA
February 2017Harman International4.5 LPA
February 2017Robert Bosch4.2 LPA
February 2017Wabco4.3 LPA
January 2017UTC Aerospace6.0 LPA
January 2017Nagra Vision4.5 LPA
January 2017Robert Bosch4.2 LPA
December 2016SanDisk9.6 LPA
December 2016Valeo India3.3 LPA
December 2016LnT Tech3.0 LPA
November 2016Visteon Corporation4.5 LPA
November 2016Sasken3.2 LPA
October 2016ABB India7.2 LPA
October 2016NXP Semi Conductors4.68 LPA
October 2016United Technologies3.75 LPA
September 2016NCR Corporation4.5 LPA
September 2016Valeo India3.3 LPA
September 2016Sasken3.2 LPA
Auguest 2016ABB India8.0 LPA
Auguest 2016CalSoft Labs5.5 LPA
Auguest 2016NXP Semi Conductors4.68 LPA
July 2016Harman International4.5 LPA
July 2016Robert Bosch4.2 LPA
July 2016Hella India3.75 LPA
June 2016Harman International4.5 LPA
June 2016Kodiak Networks4.5 LPA
June 2016Robert Bosch4.2 LPA
May 2016Harman4.5 LPA
May 2016Sasken3.2 LPA
May 2016Safran Morpho(Syscom)3.15 LPA
April 2016Cavium Networks7.2 LPA
April 2016Calsoft Labs5.5 LPA
March 2016Tata Power3.88 LPA
March 2016LnT Tech3 LPA
March 2016Velankani Group3 LPA
February 2016ABB India7 LPA
February 2016Wabco4.5 LPA
February 2016Robert Bosch4 LPA
January 2016Chelsio Communications5.5 LPA
January 2016Extreme Networks4.5 LPA
January 2016Kodiak Networks4.5 LPA
December 2015ABB India6.2 LPA
December 2015Extreme Networks4.5 LPA
December 2015Adtran3.75 LPA
November 2015Siemens5 LPA
November 2015Team-F14.6 LPA
November 2015Kodiak Networks4.5 LPA
November 2015Robert Bosch4 LPA
October 2015Siemens5 LPA
October 2015Hyundai Mobis R&D3.3 LPA
September 2015Chelsio Communications5 LPA
September 2015Hyundai Mobis R&D3.3 LPA
August 2015Chelsio Communications5.5 LPA
August 2015Synopsys4 LPA
July 2015Robert Bosch3.6 LPA
July 2015Kodiak Networks3.5 LPA
June 2015Cavium Networks7.2 LPA
June 2015Applied Materials4.5 LPA
May 2015Visteon Corporation4.5 LPA
May 2015Safran Morpho3.15 LPA
April 2015Sandvine Technologies5.5 LPA
March 2015Broadsoft4.0 LPA
March 20153DPLM Software3.9 LPA
February 2015NCR Corp4.0 LPA
February 2015Securifi3.8 LPA
January 2015Hella India3.75 LPA
January 2015Robert Bosch3.6 LPA
December 2014Sandvine Technologies5.5 LPA
November 2014Mobis R&D3.3 LPA
November 2014Safran Morpho3.15 LPA
November 2014Wipro3.0 LPA
October 2014Sandvine technologies5.5 LPA
October 2014Mistral Solutions2.16 LPA
September 2014Cavium Networks6.2 LPA
September 2014Sandvine Technologies5.5 LPA
September 2014Hella India3.75 LPA
August 2014Robert Bosch3.6 LPA
August 2014Mobis R&D3.3 LPA
July 2014Cavium Networks6.2 LPA
July 2014Teradata5.54 LPA
June 2014Emulex4.75 LPA
June 2014Hella India3.75 LPA
June 2014NCR Corporation3.5 LPA
May 2014Delphi Automotive4.0 LPA
May 2014Robert Bosch3.6 LPA
April 2014Robert Bosch3.6 LPA
April 2014Mobis R&D3.3 LPA
April 2014Safran Morpho3.15 LPA
Mar 2014Emulex Corporation5.0 LPA
Mar 2014Robert Bosch3.6 LPA
Mar 2014Continental Automotive3.3 LPA
Mar 2014L&T EmSys3.0 LPA
Feb 2014Robert Bosch3.6 LPA
Feb 2014VVDN Technologies2.4 LPA
Jan 2014Huawei Technologies4.5 LPA
Jan 2014Continental Automotive3.3 LPA
Jan 2014Embed UR Systems3.25 LPA
Dec 2013Mando Corporation3.3 LPA
Dec 2013Huawei Technologies2.8 LPA
Nov 2013Audience3.5 LPA
Nov 2013AMI3.0 LPA
Oct 2013Sandvine5.5 LPA
Sep 2013Cavium Networks6.0LPA
Sep 2013Hella India3.75 LPA
Aug 2013Silicon Image6.8 LPA
July 2013Mobis R&D2.4 LPA
June 2013VVDN Technologies2.4 LPA
June 2013IntegraMicro Sys2.2 LPA
June 2013NCR Corporation3.0 LPA
June 2013GramTechNet Solutions3.0 LPA
May 2013Continental Automotive4.5 LPA
April 2013AMI2.50 LPA
Mar 2013LearCorp2.75 LPA
Feb 2013Happiest Minds3.25 LPA
Jan 2013Analog Devices2.25 LPA
DEC 2012TeraData5.5LPA
Oct 2012Lipta Inc2.5LPA
Sept 2012Teradata R&D Labs5.5LPA
August 2012Symphony3.0LPA
July 2012Delphi3.7LPA
July 2012Robert Bosch3.2LPA
July 2012AMI3.0LPA
June 2012Delphi3.7LPA
June 2012Mobis R&D3.2LPA
June 2012AMI3.0LPA
May 2012Rockwell Collins4.6LPA
May 2012Conexant3.0LPA
May 2012Hella Electronics3.5LPA
April 2012Robert Bosch3.2LPA
MAR 2012Delphi-TCI4.20LPA
MAR 2012Delphi-TCI4.20LPA
MAR 2012Robert Bosch3.20LPA
Feb 2012Huawei4.5LPA
Feb 2012Sony4.0LPA
Jan 2012Latens3.6LPA
Jan 2012Rockwell Collins4.6LPA
Jan 2012Savari Sys3.0LPA
Dec 2011Robert Bosch3.14LPA
Dec 2011Rockwell Collins4.6LPA
Dec 2011Delphi-TCI3.71LPA
Dec 2011Mahindra Satyam3.0LPA
Nov 2011Intelli Research3.6LPA
Nov 2011Savari Sys3.0LPA
Nov 2011Delphi-TCI3.71LPA
Nov 2011Rockwell Collins3.8LPA
Oct 2011Hellosoft2.5 LPA
Sep 2011Powerwave R&D3.6 LPA
August 2011Altech UEC3.0 LPA
August 2011Hyundai R&D3.2 LPA
August 2011Spectra Tech3.0 LPA
July 2011Emerson3.8 LPA
June 2011Cavium3.0 LPA
May 2011Delphi4.07 LPA
April 2011Wipro3.0 LPA
March 2011GE3.0 LPA
FEB 2011TeamF13.0 LPA
JAN 2011Kony Solutions3.5 LPA
JAN 2011L&T-IES2.50 LPA
JAN 2011American MegaTrends2.7 5LPA
Dec 2010Insyde Mobile3.0 LPA
Dec 2010Mahindra Satyam3.0 LPA
Dec 2010American MegaTrends Inc2.75 LPA
Dec 2010Sasken3.6 LPA
Nov 2010Smartplay3.5 LPA
Oct 2010Emerson3.8 LPA
Oct 2010Nykkos3.0 LPA
Oct 2010Latens3.6 LPA
Sept 2010American MegaTrends Inc2.75 LPA
Aug 2010Latens Sys3.5 LPA
July 2010Polycomm R&D3.1 LPA
July 2010Sasken2.5 LPA
June 2010TeamF13.0 LPA
June 2010American MegaTrends Inc2.5 LPA
June 2010Sasken2.7 LPA
June 2010Latens3.0 LPA
June 2010Polycom3.4 LPA
May 2010GE3.0 LPA
April 2010MasterSys Tech3.0 LPA
April 2010Persistent Sys3.0 LPA
April 2010Rockwell Collins3.7 LPA
April 2010Robert Bosch3.14 LPA
April 2010Vayuguru Tech2.5 LPA
March 2010LGSoft3.0 LPA
March 2010TeamF13.0 LPA
February 2010American MegaTrends Inc2.5 LPA
February 2010MCN Technologies3.0 LPA
January 2010Latens3.25 LPA
December 2009GE3.0 LPA