Gain Expertise in Linux Kernel Internals Programming

Linux internals training course is designed for candidates or professionals, who wish to learn Linux basic methods, programming as well as internals of the Linux kernel. Participants taking this course will grasp both theoretical and practical underpinnings and they will learn the difference between Linux-C programming in kernel space and user space. They will be capable of doing their own kernel configuration and will be able to build kernel from kernel source code. The candidates will be introduced to vital tools that are utilized for monitoring and debugging the kernel. This helps experienced programmers to have sound understanding of the Linux kernel. After the introductory phase, the training course deals with several sub-systems like Linux scheduler, process management, Kernel memory management, Kernel virtual memory, kernel time keeping architecture, virtual file systems, page/buffer cache and Kernel synchronization primitives

Course Pre-requisite

Candidates looking to opt for this training program must have:

  • Knowledge of Linux system programming
  • In-depth knowledge of C language
  • Course is designed for

    Linux internals training course is designed keeping in mind the following target audiences:

  • Candidates and professionals interested in Linux Kernel design and implementation
  • Professionals working in Linux system programming area
  • Candidates having knowledge of operating system and interested to learn about these in detail
  • Linux developers
  • Course code: LinuxIn

    Course duration: 4 weeks

    Course objectives:

    This four-week course of Vector Institute will provide extensive hands-on-experience and demonstrations designed to impart you with all necessary tools required for developing and debugging Linux kernel code. The course provides basic understanding of the following topics:

  • Linux architecture
  • Scheduling and debugging
  • Hardware & Memory management
  • Kernel algorithms
  • Modularization techniques
  • Course Content

    The four-week Linux internals training program covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Linux Kernel
  • Getting started with Kernel
  • Memory addressing
  • Processes in Linux Kernel
  • Kernel synchronization
  • Timing measurements in Linux
  • Memory management
  • System calls
  • Process address space
  • Process scheduling
  • Linux Signals
  • Linux Page cache
  • Linux virtual file system
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