The Directors and the Faculty members of VECTOR Institute are professionals with unsurpassable passion for training in Embedded & VLSI Technologies. VECTOR Institute’s Faculty members are trainers to the core, who bring real-time exposure and experience to the classroom.

The Directors and Faculty members bring to VECTOR Institute their rich industrial experience that includes development, training and recruitment, and real-time experience on Embedded projects and products with fortune 500 companies like Daimler Chrysler, General Motors, and Ford.

Our Directors also had the privilege to work with DRDL (Defense Research & Development Laboratory), India’s pioneer scientific organization. At DRDL, they were developing projects and high precision products, by utilizing the latest cutting edge technologies.

Dr.Viswanatha Raju Dandu

Viswanatha Raju has more than a decade experience in Embedded (Product development) & Automation domain, and VLSI technologies. He has the distinction in guiding projects and developing products with top-notch Fortune 500 companies like Daimler Chrysler and Ford. He has also developed projects and products for DRDL, one of India’s pioneer scientific organizations.

P.S. Rao

P.S. Rao has more than two decades of experience in Embedded Technologies, Aerospace domain and Web technologies. He had the rare privilege to work with Hon. Late Dr. Abdul Kalam, during his long tenure as a scientist in DRDL. He has also been associated with several foreign and Indian scientific projects & organizations. Remarkably, he has developed various high precision products, using many cutting-edge technologies.

Venkat Raju Dandu

Venkat Raju Dandu is a seasoned administrator with nearly a decade of experience in sales and marketing. He brings to VECTOR his proven expertise in building good client relationship and futhering effective social networking. Venkat has done his Masters in Business Administration. Also needs special mention is his contribution towards creating at VECTOR a congenial academic environment with the right business acumen and good will.

Samir Panda

Samir Panda brings his real-time project experience to VECTOR. With more than 9 years experience in Embedded projects, Samir finds very few parallels when it comes to knowledge and practicalities of product design and development. True accolades go to his research skills and product development capabilities remarkably seen as contributions to the open source community.


With more than 6 years of experience in hardware design and implementation, Shashank brings to VECTOR his resounding product knowledge, and notable project achievements. Shashank’ invaluable contribution is found in his unparalleled expertise in bespoke hardware design and development. His expertise in ARM and AVR 32-bit processors qualifies him as a zealous technocrat, with capabilities to connect Embedded studies with project requirements in real-time scenario.


Ravi has proved himself to emerge as an invaluable resource of VECTOR. He brings to VECTOR more than a decade of experience in VLSI verification and validation. Having worked with top companies of VLSI industry in India, Ravi bridges cutting-edge VLSI technologies with academic mentoring.


Prasanna is the name to rely upon when it comes to recognized VLSI verification and validation. After working with the top companies of VLSI domain, Prasanna brings to VECTOR his professional maturity and real-time project experience.

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