Our Placement Record

Our Placement Record

Our Campus Placements during the last few year’s have been quite upfront and robust. The industry’s turnaround at the Campus Placements was overwhelming, and much more and what we actually expected. Our accolades to the Placement Cell Team, that has worked day-in and day-out in reaching out to Corporate, and bringing highly paid Offers to our students.
VECTOR’s placement cell has its operations in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Noida.

For that matter, we took care of everything that accords a good placement for our students. This included broadly,

  • Designing the Embedded systems & VLSI course content in-tune with industry requirements
  • Training our students with specific placement focus
  • Building continuous liaison with industry with an assurance to provide quality candidates proficient in Embedded & VLSI technologies.


  • 361 MNCs hired during August 2016 – August 2017.
  • 100% genuine placement assistance to all its students
  • 13.6 Lakhs per annum is the highest package received so far.
  • Maintaining an average of 3.0 lakhs per annum

Note*: Detailed summary of our successful placement record will be updated every Quarterly.


28th June 2017 Sasken Technologies
28th June 2017 Huawei Technologies
28th June 2017 Panterra Networks
24th June 2017 EmbDesTechnologies
23rd June 2017 DataPatterns India
23rd June 2017 RedpineSignals
20th June 2017 VVDN Technologies
20th June 2017 LnTTechServices
19th June 2017 Kodiak Networks
17th June 2017 Qvantel
16th June 2017 Delphi
16th June 2017 MINDTREE
16th June 2017 LnTTechServices
15th June 2017 Softnautics
14th June 2017 Manatec
12th June 2017 WABCOINDIA
10th June 2017 KnotSolutions
08th June 2017 EduceMicroResearch
07th June 2017 Huawei Technologies
06th June 2017 Sasken Technologies
06th June 2017 DSPGroup
05th June 2017 MagnetiMarelli
05th June 2017 VoltyITSolutions
02nd June 2017 Delphi
02nd June 2017 STBLABS
31st May 2017 Fat Pipe
30th May 2017 Cavium Networks
29th May 2017 iWave Technologies
29th May 2017 IONIDEA
29th May 2017 ByDesign india
29th May 2017 Path Partner Technology
27th May 2017 Redpine Signals
24th May 2017 Continental Automotive
22nd May 2017 Safran Aerospace
20th May 2017 Valeo India
19th May 2017 Martrix
17th May 2017 AK Aerotek
17th May 2017 ABB India
17th May 2017 Ionidea
17th May 2017 Metrix Automations Pvt.Ltd
17th May 2017 Purple Talk
16th May 2017 Delphi
16th May 2017 Huawei
16th May 2017 Delphi
16th May 2017 LnT Tech services
15th May 2017 Mirafra Technologies
15th May 2017 Synopsys
12th May 2017 Wisdom Technologies
12th May 2017 Valeo India
11th May 2017 Integra Micro Systems
11th May 2017 Methode Electronics
10th May 2017 Easun Reyrolle
9th May 2017 Panterra Networks
6th May 2017 MindTree
5th May 2017 VVDN Technologies
5th May 2017 Saankhya Labs
4th May 2017 LnT Tech services
4th May 2017 Onchip Semiconductors
4th May 2017 Robert Bosch
3rd May 2017 Microsemi
29th April 2017 Valeo India
28th April 2017 LnT Tech services
28th April 2017 Meeami Technologies
27th April 2017 Sasken
26th April 2017 Park Controls
24th April 2017 Technosphere Labs
24th April 2017 Whirlpool
22nd April 2017 Fossil Shale
21st April 2017 Valeo India
20th April 2017 Radisys
20th April 2017 Purple Talk
19th April 2017 Nanopix
18th April 2017 UST Global
15th April 2017 VVDN Technologies
13th April 2017 Embdes Technologies
12th April 2017 Adtran
12th April 2017 Robert Bosch
11th April 2017 Savari Systems
12th April 2017 Delta
11th April 2017 CoDefyne
10th April 2017 Huawei
10th April 2017 Mando
8th April 2017 Qvantel
7th April 2017 Data Patterns
6th April 2017 Sandisk
6th April 2017 Alethea
6th April 2017 Creative Micro Systems
6th April 2017 Valeo India
1st April 2017 Avin sytems
1st April 2017 Linkwell Telesystems
1st April 2017 Brigosha Technologies
31st March 2017 Aricent
31st March 2017 Valeo India
30th March 2017 Valeo India
30th March 2017 Panterra Networks
30th March 2017 Harman International
30th March 2017 Tata Power
27th March 2017 Park Controls
25th March 2017 RedPine Signals
25th March 2017 Tessolve SemiConductore
24th March 2017 Innominds
23rd March 2017 Qmax systems
23rd March 2017 IBOT Controls
23rd March 2017 3 Embedded Systems
23rd March 2017 AutoLiv
22nd March 2017 Rockwell Collins
22nd March 2017 Aricent
21st March 2017 Path Partner Technologies
21st March 2017 Kodiak Networks
21st March 2017 Sasken
20th March 2017 Sasken
20th March 2017 Huawei
20th March 2017 Sandvine
18th March 2017 Sasken
17th March 2017 Vem Technologies
16th March 2017 Allegion India
16th March 2017 Global Edge
16th March 2017 Radisys
14th March 2017 Microsemi
13th March 2017 ByDesign india
11th March 2017 Qvantel
11th March 2017 Valeo India
10th March 2017 Akas Medical
9th March 2017 Tata Power
9th March 2017 Web I Technologies
8th March 2017 Matrix
8th March 2017 DNCL Technologies
8th March 2017 SRM Tech
7th March 2017 E-con Systems
6th March 2017 Data Patterns
6th March 2017 Sirius Embedded
6th March 2017 Delphi Automotive
6th March 2017 Aumraj
6th March 2017 Valeo India
4th March 2017 Radisys
2nd March 2017 Breeze Innovation
1st March 2017 Electromech
1st March 2017 Valeo India
28th Feb 2017 Mobigesture
27th Feb 2017 HoneyWell
27th Feb 2017 Automotive Robotics
27th Feb 2017 NXP Semiconductors
25th Feb 2017 Copper Head Systems
24th Feb 2017 AMI
23rd Feb 2017 UST Global
22nd Feb 2017 Sasken
22nd Feb 2017 Velankani Group
21st Feb 2017 VVDN Technologies
20th Feb 2017 Fat Pipe
19th Feb 2017 Valeo India
18th Feb 2017 Safran Engineering
17th Feb 2017 Wabco
17th Feb 2017 BioEnable Technologies
16th Feb 2017 Methode Electronics
16th Feb 2017 Harman International
15th Feb 2017 Aricent
15th Feb 2017 Bristle Cone
14th Feb 2017 Mindteck
13th Feb 2017 Sasken
13th Feb 2017 Integra Micro Systems
13th Feb 2017 NCR Corporation
10th Feb 2017 Tata Power
9th Feb 2017 Merce Technologies
9th Feb 2017 Cadence
9th Feb 2017 RobertBosch
8th Feb 2017 Inteva Products
8th Feb 2017 Nucon Aersoace
8th Feb 2017 Avantel
6th Feb 2017 Wi Fi Networks
4th Feb 2017 Data Patterns
4th Feb 2017 ZenQ
31st Jan 2017 Ineda Systems
31st Jan 2017 MindLance Technologies
31st Jan 2017 Advanced Structure
30th Jan 2017 Sandisk
30th Jan 2017 Breeze Innovation
25th Jan 2017 Aricent
25th Jan 2017 Merce Technologies
25th Jan 2017 L&T Tech Services
25th Jan 2017 Nyletech Solutions Pvt.Ltd
24th Jan 2017 Nomus Comm
24th Jan 2017 Marvell
24th Jan 2017 Avin Systems
23rd Jan 2017 EsterLine Technologies
23rd Jan 2017 Mirafra Technologies
21st Jan 2017 UTC Aerospace
21st Jan 2017 Robert Bosch
20th Jan 2017 Delphi
20th Jan 2017 Mobigesture
20th Jan 2017 Merce Technologies
19th Jan 2017 Continental Automotive
19th Jan 2017 Nagravision
19th Jan 2017 Cavium Networks
19th Jan 2017 Minnebea
18th Jan 2017 Esterline Technologies
18th Jan 2017 Breeze Innovation
16th Jan 2017 Innominds
13th Jan 2017 UST Global
11th Jan 2017 Knight Tracker
11th Jan 2017 Cerium Systems
11th Jan 2017 L n T
10th Jan 2017 AIM
10th Jan 2017 CaudalFin
10th Jan 2017 UST Global
9th Jan 2017 NCR Corporation
9th Jan 2017 Global Edge
7th Jan 2017 VVDN Technologies
7th Jan 2017 Valeo India
7th Jan 2017 Uniqtronics
6th Jan 2017 Sasken
6th Jan 2017 InfiPlus Technologies
6th Jan 2017 E-Con Systems
5th Jan 2017 Ignitaium
5th Jan 2017 Technosphere Labs
3rd Jan 2017 AMI
2nd Jan 2017 Matrix
2nd Jan 2017 Valeo India
1st Jan 2017 HanBit Automation