VECTOR India provides state-of-art computing facilities for its students, faculty and staff. Our computer labs aim at

  • Providing an enriching Embedded & VLSI learning experience to each student
  • Enabling students to gain on-hands experience on real-time Embedded projects
  • Facilitating world-class Embedded & VLSI learning on LINUX servers

VECTOR Institute has put in place two types of computer labs.

The first category of open labs includes

  • Networked personal computers, printers, and other computer equipment.
  • Systems that readily serve students in providing hands-on experience, and practice on Embedded Programming and practical modules.
  • Systems that are equipped with the needful software, and availed by students. We provide systems on 1:1 basis.

So, after practicing in the classroom labs, students can reinforce and revise their Embedded Programming lessons by actual practice in the open labs.

The second category includes the Classroom Labs that provide for

  • Display screens, computer projection systems, and a networked personal computer on every student desk.
  • Fixed number of hours for each Embedded course student
  • Needful flexibility, wherein classroom labs may be utilized as open labs, when no class is in progress.

It is ensured that the students and faculty in the classroom labs are least disturbed. So, students and faculty working in a classroom lab need to leave the lab when the Embedded Systems class starts or is in progress.

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