Vector’s 8051 Trainer kits allows you to have a well known and documented hardware both electronic and software point of view. By means of these kits it possible to embark on any formative path, in fact, starting from simple experiments, it makes you grow in experience and complexity (with real life sample codes) to being able to deal with competence and master the fundamental elements which makes the Microcontroller Based electronics.

Supported Onboard External Peripheral Modules

  • 8-Nos. General purpose Point LEDs
  • 8-Nos. of push button switches (Digital Inputs)
  • Buzzer
  • 4-Nos. of common anode seven segment display
  • 4×4 Matrix keypad
  • 4×20 Character LCD with Contrast adjust
  • 128X64 GLCD Interface
  • I2C ADC/DAC (PCF8591)
  • SPI ADC (MCP3201)
  • PS/2 Interface
  • I2C RTC (DS1307) with Li-ion Battery Back up
  • I2C E2PROM (AT24Cxx)
  • Stepper Motor Driver Output
  • Two Nos. of 5V Relay with termination
  • IR Receiver with Remote
  • RS232 converter (MAX232)
  • 4 input AND GATE (74LS21)
  • Programming Chip using Parallel/Serial ISP for Windows/Linux OS.

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