Building an Embedded UI: Factors and Design Considerations

Recent trends show that modern-day users do not want to know how a device works but they just want to utilize it with the shortest learning possible.

26, Nov 2021

Attrition on rise

The attrition rate of leading firms in India is now at an all-time high and companies are facing issues in executing large projects.

30, Oct 2021

Adoption of Security by Design for IoT Devices: How to

It is quite evident that rapid increase in billions of IoT devices has already created a weak spot in the ecosystem due to lack of security.

3, Sept 2021

The IoT Wave: Are our devices exposed!!!

A quick glance at IoT Security Forbes says, by the year 2025, around 75 billion IoT devices are going to give you a connected lifestyle.

16 Jul, 2021

The role of Embedded Systems during COVID-19

COVID-19 left us vulnerable to unprepared dangers that we have never encountered before. Due to its high transmissibility and the lack..

26, May 2021

Interaction Sensors

With Coronavirus accelerating the fear of touching objects and people alike, there is an increase in demand for interaction sensors.

3 Sept, 2021

Selecting the right SOC for your product

Introduction: A system on a chip integrates most of the components of every electronic system. Hence, choosing the right System on Chip (SoC)

3 Mar, 2021

Autonomous Car – A Technology Revolution that will transform Automotive Industry

In the past few years automotive sector has gone through several innovation and has come out with improved and technologically advance range of vehicles.

31 Jan, 2018

V2V Communication – Improving Safety and Mobility of Vehicles

Vehicle-to-vehicle or V2V communication is the wireless transmission of data between motor vehicles and the primary motive of this communication is to prevent accidents.

31 Jan, 2018

Smart City – Engineering the City with Embedded and IoT Technologies

Smart city is a development vision of the government in which it aims to integrate several information and communication technology and Internet..

17 Nov, 2016

Get Ready for the Benefits and Perils of Internet of Things

Internet of Things, the term coined by Kevin Ashton, is gaining prominence in the international technology lexicon. The term refers to everyday objects..

29 Sept, 2016

IoT powered with Embedded Technology will replace Humans with Intelligent Devices

The Internet of Things based on embedded technology is transforming the way we work, play and live and its high impact in the future will blur

17 Jun, 2016

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