IOT its growth and future in Indian Embedded Industry in next One Year

The Internet of Things is network of real or virtual physical objects that are embedded with sensors and software with network connectivity, which allow these objects.

27 May, 2016

Internet of Things – A Reality that is Enjoying Exponential Growth

The attrition rate of leading firms in India is now at an all-time high and companies are facing issues in executing large projects.

12 May, 2016

Robotic Kitchen – Giving Every Home the access of Personal Chef

Ever dreamt of having your own personal chef? Well soon, you could have one with robotic kitchen expected to make its way in the year 2017.

22 Mar, 2016

Flying Car – A Fantasy and Science Fiction that will soon be a Reality

It is quite a common thought that flashes in everyone’s mind while being struck in bumper-to- bumper traffic on an endless way that your car could take.

18 Mar, 2016

Google Glass – The State-of-the-Art Wearable Tech

Google Glass is a wearable computer having optical head mounted display combined with voice activation that allows users to see.

1 Mar, 2016

Google Car – A Marvellous Invention of Google revolutionising the Automobile Industry

Technology is advancing so rapidly with each passing day that we are left in complete awe and admiration. Right from spaceships to smartphones.

25 Feb, 2016

64-Bit ARM Processor trending in Servers and Datacentres

Power consumption is the biggest challenge for datacentres and thus, companies are looking for solar power alternative to reduce costs.

22 Jan, 2016

Become Proficient in Embedded System with Effective Training Imparted in Bangalore

An embedded system is a system that has software embedded into hardware, which makes the system dedicated for a specific part of the application.

21 Nov, 2015

Attain Perfection in Linux via Linux Device Driver Training Institutes

When it comes to a high intensity course such as Linux Device Drivers, you should follow the principle of “slow and steady wins the race”.

21 Nov, 2015

Make a Promising Career with Embedded System Courses

Embedded system can be taken as a pre-programmed computer device which is designed to perform a specified set of functions often with real-time.

21 Nov, 2015

Excel Your Skills in Embedded Systems with Vector Training Institute

Embedded systems are main components of the latest machines that have multi function capabilities. These systems are a perfect blend.

21 Nov, 2015

Gain a New Height in Your Career by Getting Embedded Training

The integration of micro controller based hardware resources with software applications give rise to the birth of embedded systems. Such kind.

21 Nov, 2015

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