Google Car – A Marvellous Invention of Google revolutionising the Automobile Industry

Technology is advancing so rapidly with each passing day that we are left in complete awe and admiration. Right from spaceships to smartphones, technological progression is happening in every moment, providing us with several high-tech gadgets and devices. Perhaps among the innumerable latest inventions, the most striking has been the evolution of Google’s Car. A concept that was confined just to the realm of science fiction is getting close to public release. Google is pioneering in the automobile industry with their innovative and unique concept of self- driving car that will definitely sweep the consumers of their feet.

Google car is an autonomous car or a personal vehicle that is informally termed as robotic or self-driving car. This vehicle is capable of self-driving and navigating without any direct intervene from the humans. Instead of steering wheels and pedals, a prototype has been designed for the car that relies on software and sensors to handle the driving. The sensors and software help to sense objects or other vehicle around, and the car is designed in the manner that it safely drives around them. It can even detect objects like plastic bags and rogue birds on its way. The software of the car is developed in a manner that the car safely navigates through the road without getting distracted or tired. It can also navigate through complicated city streets.

Currently the car is in its testing phase and it operates only in and around California around the Mountain View. The car can ferries two people from one place to another and is beckoned with smartphone to pick user from his location and to move him to the set destination. There is simply a start button and a red emergency stop button and there is small screen in front of the passengers to show them weather, current speed and a countdown animation. Upon completion of the journey, the small screen reminds the passengers to take their personal belongings. The Google’s’ employees, who have been allowed to ride in this car have described the experience as smooth and pleasant.

Google’s pioneering effort to develop a self-driving vehicle without having steering wheel and pedal brake finally got a boost with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) considering artificial intelligence system of the car as a legal driver. Earlier NHTSA considered only humans as drivers under the law but now the agency has said that it will consider self-driving system a driver too. Thus, the car that is expected to hit the road within the period of five years has cleared a major obstacle in the path of becoming a reality. Thanks to the embedded technology that is making self-driving car a reality, because based on this technology only the car is being designed to precision.

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