Robotic Kitchen – Giving Every Home the access of Personal Chef

Ever dreamt of having your own personal chef? Well soon, you could have one with robotic kitchen expected to make its way in the year 2017. Still on its development stage, this kitchen will soon become a reality. The name robotic kitchen is still under consideration that will comprise of a kitchen having fridge, oven, dishwasher and small appliances along with one difference, a large pair of robotic arms. The robotic arms will well compete with humanoid hands that garnish, stir and drizzle and will easily replace the cook. The arms are embedded with codes, so that it can easily replicate the required movements that are essential for preparing a dish. Cooking for the people will be as easy as pulling up a recipe and enjoy watching robotic arms performing all the work.

Robotic kitchen, developed by Moley Robotics, will be a high-tech kitchen based on embedded technology that will be released to the world in the year 2017. This kitchen will come with a pair of robot arms, oven, shelf for placing food and utensils along with a touch screen. The two arms will be mounted above a counter, stove and sink to prepare meals from digital recipes. The arms having tactile sensors can chop, stir, pour, blend and even turn the stove on and off. The robotic kitchen operates either through built-in touchscreen or through smartphone app. However currently it can only prepare crab bisque but once the consumer version is launched, users will be able to choose from a library of 2,000 recipes.

The robotic kitchen will be able to prepare a meal from start to finish along with the clean-up task. Users will just need to select the meal of their choice, enter the number of people that will be eating and then set out pre-prepped ingredients. A fridge and cabinet is attached to the unit that robot can access easily along with a built-in dishwasher to clean the stuff after the cooking. Users will be able to operate the kitchen with a smartphone or through the included touch screen. They just have to choose from the included recipes, which the robot learnt to cook from the chef. This robotic kitchen will become reality due to the growing use of embedded technology that has revolutionized several gadgets used homes.

In order to make the robot learn the recipe of any dish, the entire cooking process executed by a chef wearing special gloves is filmed by 3D motion capture technology. This enables the robot to cook the recipe exactly like the human, who first showed the demonstration. This will also means that the robotic hands will replicate the entire cooking process just like the human beings and even have natural pause while cooking just like the humans. The robots will work at the same speed as humans and not fast like machines. People who do not have time to cook a gourmet meal or lack the cooking skills will definitely benefit from robotic kitchen, thanks to the embedded technology that has made this impossible dream possible.

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