IOT its growth and future in Indian Embedded Industry in next One Year

The Internet of Things is network of real or virtual physical objects that are embedded with sensors and software with network connectivity, which allow these objects to collect and exchange data, thereby providing connectivity at any time and at any place. There are limitless benefits of IoT and its applications are revolutionizing the way we are working and living. It has further led to innovation, new growth opportunities and knowledge creation. With the growing use of Internet of Things, objects can be remotely sensed and controlled across the existing infrastructure of the internet network. The IoT growth has paved opportunities for direct integration between the physical world and computer-based virtual systems that enhance accuracy, efficiency and economic benefit.

IoT – Revolutionizing Life beyond Imagination

The future of Internet of Things is absolutely bright due to the state-of- the-art technology and with the easy access of internet in every corner of the world. The prime requirement for progress in the current world is better connectivity and thus, Internet of Things is becoming instrumental for interconnecting devices. IoT is going to make our life easier, faster and highly productive and will definitely transform our lives beyond imagination. With Internet of Things playing a significant role in the manufacturing of devices, people will now have complete access to all the products used at home, even when they are away. For example, people will now be able to switch off their lights and air conditioners at their home while sitting at their office. This will be the impact of IoT technology in the life of the people.

IoT holds Promising Future in Indian Embedded Industry

Today several objects and machines comprises of embedded microcontrollers that enable useful applications and control their operations. These embedded microcontrollers are combined together into Internet of Things and in future if these machines will be linked together in networks will revolutionize manufacturing sector, energy distribution as well as transportation systems. Each and everything will be able to interoperate using embedded system existing within the Internet infrastructure. The very concept of IoT looks very promising in Indian embedded industry because government is heavily concentrating, supporting and making efforts for developing better infrastructure. IoT progress in Indian embedded industry is going to be impressive on large scale, especially with companies coming up with innovative products and industries knowing about the benefits of IoT.

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