Google Glass – The State-of-the-Art Wearable Tech

Google Glass is a wearable computer having optical head mounted display combined with voice activation that allows users to see as well as interact with information in hands-free format. The glass is able to perform limitless spectrum of possibilities and right from recording video to taking picture to social networking to getting direction, as far as application of Google glass is concerned, the sky is the limit. The explorer editing of this glass was made available in April 2013 to I/O developers of Google in the United States.

The design and engineering team of the Google Glass have done a great job by powering this device from all the latest features such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, speakers, microphone, touchpad and gyroscope for detecting head-tilts. The glass also has a tiny screen, which is a size of a finger to show all vital information required by the users. Besides all these features, the Glass also has voice input that makes using this wearable, non-intrusive gadget much more exciting and interesting. The built-in microphone of the glass combined with Google Now feature directly connects the users with the search engines. Most of these features have been possible due to the embedded technology that is playing a big role in the development of latest hi-fi gadgets.

The “Google Now” feature can be activated by saying “Okay Glass” and by sending a command. Users can perform activities like taking a photo or recording a video by just saying the command for it. On the right of the Glass, there is a touchpad, which the users can swipe to reach menu.Users do not just require looking for camera, as they just need to turn the settings of the photo app and say, “Take a Photo” to keep the memory in pictures that is captured hands-free. The users can do the same for the video, thus this glass seems to be of great use especially for extreme sports and real-life tutorials.

The Google Glass can also be used as webcam with data connection from your smartphone. Users can make use of Google hangout for a group conference call while being able to perform their work, as they do not have to confine to a desk while making the call. The Glass is supported by powerful voice input feature that allows users to dictate text messages, attach videos and images and they can send these attachments through mobile data connection, without having to take out their phone from the pocket.

The glass will also help you navigate with the help of Google maps since; it is built with a GPS chip. This will become quite handy while driving, walking through crowded streets or while hiking through the countryside. This will also help backpackers, travellers and long-distant cycling, as they would not have to frequently stop for checking their location. With this fine example of augmented reality, the travellers will be updated of their location.

The Google Glass allow users to blend in with the locals, as with the help of it users can convert currency rate, understand measurement system, get information about best drinking spots and gain access to the secrets of the place. Users also avail live information from predictive software “Google Now”. Google Now knows your time of leaving home for work and can even update you about the current traffic situation. Thus, the myriad features and functionality of this device make it highly special among the gadget lovers.

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