Academic Projects

Embedded Systems: Major Project guidance/ Training program

Importance of project implementation in Academics?

The intention of having projects in the academics is to make students implement the concepts learned in the class room into an actual project. Finally it is the actual implementation of concepts & understanding of actually doing it that helps students meet the industry expectations in the recruitment process in-campus/ off-campus. The project forms a major portion of any technical interview during the recruitment process and hence all aspirants planning to come to Vector for the project guidance/ training program are requested to come mentally prepared to work seriously on the project, as it will have long lasting impact in shaping their career.

Why Vector?

Vector with its strong team of industry specialists has been working towards bridging the gap between industry & Academics over the years. We have precise understanding of the industry expectations and the missing links at the academic level – the campus placement record of the institute speaks volumes about this. We believe that young engineers can be sensitized onto working in well organized industry environment by taking them through a well planned drill during academic project execution.

Focus on Innovation?

We describe innovation as customized tools/ processes custom made/ refined to solve day to day problems currently plaguing the society and country at large. Innovations at the grass root level right from agriculture to advanced design/ manufacturing are the need of the hour and will help the country gain self reliance/ technological strength. It is best if young engineers focus on innovation in the area of their interest and try to implement/ execute innovative ideas coming to their mind – we will do our best to guide them through this.

Further we are keen to incubate & nurture ideas that are industry viable (through finding and execution support) and help them grow into profitable ventures – Vector’s EUREKA – Innovation & Technology incubation program is one such step in this area to bring out innovation from budding engineers and identify industry viable ideas.

Location: Vector (Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai campus)

Project Execution Process:

  • Classes on relevant domain of the chosen project
  • Discussion of the project concept/ principals
  • Induction to lab
  • Final implementation of the project
  • Analysis of the project for Interviews
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