Learn the basics of low-cost and power efficient ARM 7 microcontroller series

The Advanced RISC Machine has several microcontroller families among which ARM7 are the longest serving ARM processors. The ARM7 CPU core based microcontroller is the most popular 32-bit embedded processor which features a small microcontroller with low power consumption. We introduce students with the Philips’ LPC2000 ARM7 based microcontroller, the first standard microcontroller to integrate ARM7 and Philips’ new memory acceleration module. You can apply ARM architecture to almost every embedded application ranging from automotive communications protocol to medical devices and security systems.

Course Code: ARMFwHw Course Duration: 6 weeks

Course Objective:

We offer this course with the following objectives:

  • Introduce the outline architecture of ARM7 microcontroller including basics of pipelines, registers, exception modes, etc.

  • How to set up and customize a microcontroller development environment.

  • Give an overview of system peripherals which cover bus structure, memory map, register programming and much more.

  • How to write programs that interact with other devices

Delegates will learn:

Attending the course on ARM7 series microcontroller will help you learn:

  • The hardware implementation of the ARM7 microcontrollers

  • Integrated peripherals based on I/O functions

  • Examples of internal peripheral software drivers

  • The concept of pipelines, registers and exception modes

  • ARM7 instruction set covering branching, data processing instructions, swap instruction, THUMB instruction set and others.

  • Software development flow and working with projects

After attending course on ARM7 microcontrollers, you can cater your design needs by increasing development through high level abstraction for I/O, communication protocols and a broad range of signal processing.

Philips LPC2000 series (The ARM7 CPU Core Based Microcontroller)

Outline architecture

  • The Pipeline

  • Registers

  • Current Program Status Register

  • Exception Modes

The ARM 7 Instruction Set

  • Branching

  • Data Processing Instructions

  • Copying Registers

  • Copying Multiple Registers

  • Swap Instruction

  • Modifying The Status Registers

  • Software Interrupt

  • MAC Unit

  • THUMB Instruction Set

System Peripherals

  • Bus Structure

  • Memory Map

  • Register Programming

  • Memory Accelerator Module

  • Memory Map Control

  • Bootloader

  • External Bus Interface

  • External Memory Interface

  • Phase Locked Loop

  • VLSI Peripheral Bus Divider

  • Pin Connect Block

  • External Interrupt Pins

  • Interrupt Structure

Software Development

  • uVision IDE: Embedded C

  • Startup Code

  • Interworking ARM/THUMB Code

  • Locating Code In RAM

  • Inline Functions

  • Fixing Objects At Absolute Locations

  • Inline Assembler

Accessing User Onchip Peripherals

  • General Purpose I/O

  • General Purpose Timers

  • Watchdog

  • PWM Modulator

  • Real Time Clock

  • UART

  • I2C Interface

  • SPI Interface

  • Analog To Digital Converter

  • Interrupt Service Routines

  • Software Interrupt

  • Hardware Debugging Tools

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