Information about AVR 32-bit Boards

The AVR32 architecture is a 32-bit RISC architecture, introduced by Atmel in 2006.

  • the AP7 family for Linux applications
  • the uC3 family for embedded applications
Technical features:
CPUAVR32 based 32-bit MCU/DSP
Wireless Interface On Board EM260ZigBee™ Enabled 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 Compliant Radio Transceiver
Graphics Controller STN
Touchscreen4-Wire Touchscreen Controller
RAM32 – 128 MB SDRAM
NOR Flash2 MB
NAND Flash64 – 1024 MB
Storage SD Memory Card
USBOne Device Port
Audio16-bit Stereo Audio
RTCReal Time Clock Powered by Lithium Battery
SerialPort (UART) 2x RS232 PORT
SPI1x Programmable SPI Port
I/O16 pin GPIO , 3.3V
Supply VoltageSingle 12V or 5V
Dimensions120mm x 85mm4.72 inches x 3.34 inches
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