The concept of classroom learning of Embedded technologies is fast changing from the conventional teaching-learning situation to high-level of interactivity enabled by latest Audio-Video aids and aesthetic ambience. It means that, the Lecture- based Embedded teaching is enriched by LCD presentations.

VECTOR Institute has adapted new technologies to create a congenial environment for conduct of an effective Embedded systems class. Our classrooms provide an enriching Embedded learning experience. We consider that classrooms should be facilitators and promoters of Embedded technologies and ensure greater understanding and participation of all students of Embedded Programming topics.

Our classrooms features:

  • Interactive whiteboards
  • LCD projectors
  • Split A/c for cozy and comfortable ambience
  • State of art sound engineering
  • Good acoustics and cool color scheme
  • Reduced distractions for greater concentration.
  • Good lighting and furniture for maximum concentration on studies
  • Comfortable seating for prolonged lecture sessions and participation.
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