Vector Institute is a global leader in offering the highest quality Embedded and VLSI training courses for an enhanced industrial performance. With an urge to learn new technology, thousands of individuals come to us. Keeping in mind the productivity and career goals, we shape the complete training program that ideally suits the requirements of beginners as well as professionals.

The increasing use of embedded technology in fields like communication and electronics has pushed up demand for candidates trained in this domain. Consequently, it has made hundreds of students to enroll in our institute and gain expertise on such soaring courses. Our institute takes pride in meeting up the challenges thrown by the evolving industries. Therefore, we undertake programs to impart a talent pool in our aspirants so as to meet the requirements of corporates. After engaging with us, candidates can prove beneficial for the companies in multiple ways:

  • We offer tailor-made training solutions to provide highly skilled workforce to corporates.
  • Our training programs empower trainees towards learning as well as implementation; thus enable them to enhance organizational productivity.
  • Clearly outline our training goals and relate them with the strategic mission of the companies.

We develop our students’ talent, recognize the power of aspirations and promote an environment of continuous learning. Our mission is to:
  • Bring light upon the application oriented programming
  • Bridge the gap between industry’s needs and students’ skills set
  • Provide an experienced and skilled human resource for furthering industry’s interests
  • Rewrite training course contents to match it with the skilled personnel requirements of industries.
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