We offer a platform to perfect your knowledge in Objective C

Objective C, a language for iPhones, is an object-oriented language which is an extension of ANSI C. As it incorporates the benefits of C language, you can choose to do something in an object-oriented (define a class) or procedural programming way (define a structure and some functions, but not class). The language redefines the syntax that you have been using in Java, C++, JavaScript, etc. With the self-conscious terminology like method, class dynamic binding and focus on abstract design, it is able to present a steep learning curve for the students. An organized language like Objective C can help you become an adept object-oriented programmer.

Course code : APPLEC

Duration : 8 weeks

Course objectives:

Objective C is the primary language which provides object-oriented capabilities and a dynamic runtime. We offer this course with the following objectives:

  • Describes the core concepts of objects, methods, classes, messages
  • Gives knowledge of static and dynamic typing
  • Introduces memory management
  • Includes the working with protocols
  • Detailed study on foundation classes
  • Offers knowledge on advanced concepts like categories, exceptions, etc.
  • Impart knowledge on importance of exceptions, threading and reflection
  • Delegates will learn:

    We offer an effective course on Objective C language that will help you learn:

  • o create and use classes describing their custom objects
  • Fundamentals of ANSI C and standard C libraries The basic concepts of object oriented programming Messaging, reflection and Objective C runtime Foundation framework classes and APIs

    Core Concepts

  • Object Orientation: Objects, Messages, Methods, Classes
  • Dynamic Typing, Static Typing
  • Memory Management: retain, release, autorelease
  • Allocation, Initialization, Deallocation
  • Properties: Declaration, Implementation, Synthesis
  • Protocols
  • Fast Enumeration
  • Foundation Classes

  • NSObject
  • NSString
  • NSArray
  • NSDictionary
  • NSSet
  • NSNumber
  • NSNull
  • NSMutable*
  • Advanced Concepts

  • Categories
  • Exceptions
  • Synchronized Threading
  • Reflection: Selectors, Class Type, Objective-C Runtime
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