PIC Microcontroller Training

PIC Microcontroller is a processor with built-in memory and RAM and is manufactured by Microchip Technology. It is a compact microcomputer designed to monitor operations of embedded systems in mostly vehicles, machines and devices. However, it is used in systems, where it is required to control certain processes, obtain information from external sources and to interpret collected information. All electronic devices that are used for household purposes comprises of microcontrollers because in every device there is a need to monitor processes or perform some actions.

Students of Electronics & Telecommunication, Instrumentation and Electrical engineering, who wish to work in PIC microcomputer area, can opt for this PIC microcontroller training. Besides students, even working professionals working on other controller can enroll in the training course to attain proficiency in it. Candidates and professionals are imparted with the skills to work with Programmable Interface Controllers (PIC microcontrollers) at both the hardware and software fronts. By undergoing training program candidates meet the embedded system industry requirements, as they learn to programme the electronic circuits to work for different tasks.


  • What is Embedded System ?

  • Microprocessor vs Microcontroller

  • CISC vs RISC

A few words about the PIC Family of microcontrollers

Overview of Architecture of PIC16F877A:

  • Processor Core and Functional Block Diagram

  • Description of memory organization

  • Overview of ALL SFR’s and their basic functionality

Low Level programming Concepts:

  • Addressing Modes

  • Instruction Set and Assembly Language programming(ALP)

  • Developing, Building, and Debugging ALP’s

Middle Level Programming Concepts:

  • Cross Compiler

  • Embedded C language implementation,

  • programming,& debugging

  • Differences from ANSI-C

  • Library reference

  • Use of #prama directive

On-ChipPeripherals Study,Programming, and Application:

  • Ports: Input/Output

  • Timers & Counters


  • I2C

  • SPI

  • A/D converter

  • Interrupts

External Interfaces Study,Programming and Applications :

  • LEDS

  • Switches(Momentary type, Toggle type)

  • Seven Segment Display: (Normal mode, BCD mode,Internal Multiplexing & External Multiplexing)

  • LCD (8bit, 4bit, Busy flag, custom character generation)

  • Keypad Matrix

Protocols Study,Programming and Applications :

  • I2C (EEPROM and RTC)


  • I Wire(Sensor)

  • Infrared Communication(RC5 protocol)

Selective Discussion during Project Development

  • A/D & D/A Converter

  • Stepper Motor, DC Motor

  • RF Communcation

  • RFID

  • CAN



  • USB

  • MMC & SD

  • Ethernet MAC

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