Our Placement Record

Our Placement Record

Our Campus Placements during the last few year’s have been quite upfront and robust. The industry’s turnaround at the Campus Placements was overwhelming, and much more and what we actually expected. Our accolades to the Placement Cell Team, that has worked day-in and day-out in reaching out to Corporate, and bringing highly paid Offers to our students.
VECTOR’s placement cell has its operations in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Noida.

For that matter, we took care of everything that accords a good placement for our students. This included broadly,

  • Designing the Embedded systems & VLSI course content in-tune with industry requirements
  • Training our students with specific placement focus
  • Building continuous liaison with industry with an assurance to provide quality candidates proficient in Embedded & VLSI technologies.


  • 495 MNCs hired during AUG 2018 to AUG 2019.
  • 100% genuine placement assistance to all its students
  • 13.6 Lakhs per annum is the highest package received so far.
  • Maintaining an average of 3.0 lakhs per annum

Note*: Detailed summary of our successful placement record will be updated every Quarterly.

2018 - May-November

19th November 2018 Tech Mahindra
19th November 2018 eInfochips India Pvt Ltd
19th November 2018 Sasken
19th November 2018 Happiest Minds
19th November 2018 Methode Electronics
18th November 2018 AKAS Medical
16th November 2018 MIND TREE
15th November 2018 Valeo India
15th November 2018 SensWorx Systems
15th November 2018 Mando
14th November 2018 BigCat Wireless
14th November 2018 Aptiv
13th November 2018 Exicom Tele Systems
12th November 2018 Valeo India
12th November 2018 Polmon Instruments
12th November 2018 Valeo India
09th November 2018 LnT Tech Services
07th November 2018 Copper Head Sys
06th November 2018 HCL Technologies
05th November 2018 Thundersoft
03rd November 2018 Impof It Solutions
03rd November 2018 Sai Technologies
02nd November 2018 Harman
02nd November 2018 Aczet
02nd November 2018 Alphion India Pvt.Ltd
01st November 2018 Processware Systems
31st October 2018 Mistral Solutions
31st October 2018 PathpartnerTech
31st October 2018 Mindteck
30th October 2018 Brigosha Technologies
29th October 2018 Delphi
29th October 2018 3G CELLLABS
29th October 2018 Votary Tech
28th October 2018 AKAS Medical
27th October 2018 Thundersoft
27th October 2018 Graphene Semiconductor
27th October 2018 Data Patterns India Pvt Ltd
26th October 2018 Valeo India
26th October 2018 ARICENT
26th October 2018 Harman
26th October 2018 Lyfenet Solutions
26th October 2018 Bluebird
24th October 2018 Nomus Com Sys
23th October 2018 Vortex Engineering
23rd October 2018 Gaian
16th October 2018 Indian Institute of Technology
16th October 2018 Brigosha Technologies
16th October 2018 Volansys
16th October 2018 Linkwell – Visiontek
16th October 2018 Qutrix Solution
13th October 2018 Sasken
12th October 2018 Sasken
11th October 2018 Harman
11th October 2018 Graphene Semiconductor
11th October 2018 Satyam Software Solutions
10th October 2018 EmbDes Technologies
10th October 2018 EL Measures
09th October 2018 Fubeus Technology
08th October 2018 Lookman Electroplast Industries
08th October 2018 Magneti Marelli
08th October 2018 Mando
08th October 2018 Implantaire Tech
06th October 2018 I TRIANGLE INFOTECH
05th October 2018 Zilogic
05th October 2018 AK Aerotek Software
05th October 2018 Accel Systems
04th October 2018 Sonetel
03th October 2018 Sai Technologies
03th October 2018 Rax-Tech International
03th October 2018 Sandvine
03th October 2018 Tech Rizes Transdomain
28th September 2018 Tekion
28th September 2018 Graphene Semiconductor
27th September 2018 Matrix
27th September 2018 Sloki Software Technologies
26th September 2018 Broadcast Wearables
26th September 2018 HiQ Test Equipment
26th September 2018 NEC Technologies
24th September 2018 Ineda Systems
24th September 2018 Cybernetics Services
24th September 2018 AIM
23rd September 2018 Qolsys
22nd September 2018 Synaptics
22nd September 2018 Innominds
22nd September 2018 Graphene Semiconductor
22nd September 2018 FossilShale
21st September 2018 Safran Aerospace
21st September 2018 SenseSemi Technologies
21st September 2018 Continental Automotive
20th September 2018 AK Aerotek Software
19th September 2018 Happiest Minds
19th September 2018 Embed UR
19th September 2018 Sandisk
17th September 2018 MedeQuip Services
15th September 2018 Elear Solutions Tech
14th September 2018 MIND TREE
14th September 2018 Verifone
14th September 2018 JDG Technologies
13th September 2018 SHARP
12th September 2018 Sasken
12th September 2018 Rennova Solutions
11th September 2018 Sai Technologies
11th September 2018 USTGlobal
11th September 2018 LnT Tech Services
11th September 2018 Panterra Nw
11th September 2018 Nomus Com Sys
10th September 2018 Hyundai Motor India
08th September 2018 Graphene Semiconductor
08th September 2018 Zilogic
06th September 2018 Brigosha Technologies
06th September 2018 Delta
05th September 2018 Audience
03rd September 2018 Msys Tech
30th August 2018 Votarytech
29th August 2018 Aptiv Automotive
29th August 2018 ThunderSoft
28th August 2018 Reliable Technosystems
25th August 2018 Graphene Semiconductor
24th August 2018 Team F1
23rd August 2018 iWave Systems Technologies
21st August 2018 Teradata
21st August 2018 Creative MicroSystems
21st August 2018 NCR
20th August 2018 Meeami Technologies
18th August 2018 Wearberry World
16th August 2018 Reliable Technosystems
16th August 2018 Ineda systems
16th August 2018 Sasken
14th August 2018 Wireless Systems Solutions
13th August 2018 Ficosa India
13th August 2018 IBOT Controls Systems
13th August 2018 Raad Systems
11th August 2018 Soc Optimum
11th August 2018 Airfide Networks
11th August 2018 Continental Automotive
10th August 2018 GL Communications
10th August 2018 Ineda systems
10th August 2018 Mando
09th August 2018 Teradata
08th August 2018 Avin Systems
07th August 2018 Data Patterns
06th August 2018 Infiplus Technologies
06th August 2018 Vem Technologies
04th August 2018 Radiant Systems
04th August 2018 Ineda Systems
04th August 2018 Graphene Semiconductors
02nd August 2018 Siemens
02nd August 2018 Mobigesture
01st August 2018 Ineda Systems
30th July 2018 Embdes Technologies
30th July 2018 Meeami Technologies
28th July 2018 Seoyon Electronics R&D
26th July 2018 MindLance Technologies
26th July 2018 Madras Security Printers
26th July 2018 Protech Soft
26th July 2018 Ineda Systems
26th July 2018 MindTree
26th July 2018 Harman International
25th July 2018 iASYS Technology Solutions
24th July 2018 Wi2Wi Corporation
24th July 2018 SRM Tech
23th July 2018 Medequip Services
21th July 2018 AK Aerotek
21th July 2018 Safran Engineering
20th July 2018 Maytech systems
20th July 2018 E-Info chips
19th July 2018 Ensemble
19th July 2018 Avin Systems
19th July 2018 Delphi
19th July 2018 Acevin Solution
18th July 2018 Danlaw Technologies
17th July 2018 Hella India
17th July 2018 MRL Postnet
16th July 2018 Audience
14th July 2018 Datazoic Machines
14th July 2018 Radixweb
14th July 2018 Graphene Semiconductors
14th July 2018 Kernex Microsystems
14th July 2018 UST Global
13th July 2018 Ineda Systems
11th July 2018 Purple Talk
11th July 2018 UST Global
11th July 2018 ACSIA Technologies
06th July 2018 Panterra N/w
05th July 2018 Reliable Technosystems
04th July 2018 Aptiv Automotive
03th July 2018 Makonis Software Solutions
03th July 2018 ElectRay Technologies
30th June 2018 Team Engineers
29th June 2018 Elear Solutions
29th June 2018 AMI
29th June 2018 Aricent
28th June 2018 Rockwell collins
28th June 2018 DSP Group
27th June 2018 IVativ
27th June 2018 Alphion
27th June 2018 Mymo Wireless
27th June 2018 Digilogic
26th June 2018 JGD Technologies
25th June 2018 Magneti Marelli
23rd June 2018 Mirafra
23rd June 2018 Sasken
23rd June 2018 Maytech
23rd June 2018 Data Patterns
22nd June 2018 Purple Talk
21nd June 2018 ZF India
21st June 2018 Mirafra
19th June 2018 Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
18th June 2018 Sensor Embedded
18th June 2018 Fubeus
18th June 2018 Path Partner
17th June 2018 Shriram Value
16th June 2018 Elear Solutions
16th June 2018 Radisys
14th June 2018 Aratek Innovation
14th June 2018 Dexcel
14th June 2018 AIM
13th June 2018 Saankhya Labs
12th June 2018 Harman
10th June 2018 Caliber Interconnect
09th June 2018 Elear Solutions
08th June 2018 Avin systems
05th June 2018 Derive Tech
04th June 2018 GECE
04th June 2018 Plintron
02nd June 2018 Niagara
02nd June 2018 Nommus
02nd June 2018 Hanbit Automation
02nd June 2018 Safran Aerospace
01st June 2018 Net cloud
31st May 2018 VVDN
30th May 2018 Innominds
30th May 2018 Vinfinet
30th May 2018 Load Multiplier
28th May 2018 MRL Postnet
28th May 2018 Embdes Technologies
28th May 2018 A10 Networks
26th May 2018 Radisys
25th May 2018 Valeo
25th May 2018 Mirafra
23rd May 2018 Sasken
23rd May 2018 Easun Reyrolle
22nd May 2018 Integra
22nd May 2018 Aegis Smart
19th May 2018 Triphase
19th May 2018 Tarang
19th May 2018 Radisys
19th May 2018 Accel systems
18th May 2018 Technosphere
18th May 2018 Data Patterns
18th May 2018 Path Partner
17th May 2018 Valeo
17th May 2018 Unizen
15th May 2018 Danlaw
15th May 2018 Viha Technologies
14th May 2018 Tessolve
14th May 2018 Unio Labs
11th May 2018 Naina Power
11th May 2018 AMI
10th May 2018 Sharp
10th May 2018 Processware
10th May 2018 Akas Medical
10th May 2018 Vortex
10th May 2018 Ineda Systems
09th May 2018 Mirafra
08th May 2018 Swastik Automation
07th May 2018 Panterra N/w
07th May 2018 Sasken
05th May 2018 Accel systems
05th May 2018 LnT Tech services
05th May 2018 Esko
04th May 2018 Copper Connections
04th May 2018 Path Partner
04th May 2018 Vem Technologies
03rd May 2018 Data Patterns
02nd May 2018 LnT Tech services
01st May 2018 Processware