Learn About RT Linux to Manage Data Acquisition Systems

RT Linux is one of the hard real-time RTOS microkernels, which perfectly run on Linux operating system. Programmers use real time operating systems in order to accurately measure the maximum response time for any given application. This variant of Linux is designed to share computing devices between a real-time as well non-real-time operating system. To learn about RT Linux and be an expert in this field, aspirants can pursue short-term courses offered by us.

Course code: RTOSLINUX

Course duration: 6 weeks

Course objectives:

The course instigates with complete and simple project and then allows the attendees to walk through the entire process. Some of the course objectives include:

  • Introduction of RTOS and basics about the OS
  • Explaining about Linux 2.6 features for RTOS
  • Implementing of Real Time application
  • Defining thoroughly the concept of Hard Real Tine & Soft Real Time
  • Configuring and debugging of Real Time Kernel with RT-PATCH
  • Explaining about the programs on process management
  • Describing the basics of kernel architecture and OS structure
  • Delegates will learn:

    After completing this course, the students would find that they are capable of:

  • Writing real time applications from scratch
  • Learning different ways of instrumenting codes
  • Easily analyzing and spotting existing operating system
  • Comprehending the file management and open, read write system calls
  • Learn to control data acquisition system and other time sensitive instruments
  • Thus, by learning about the RT Linux, the students would be able to comprehend and gain knowledge about the kernel configuration as well as real-time programming. The training program offered by us would also let the apprentices learn about the real time application and about its functionalities.

    LINUX Basics

    Introduction to Linux Operating System

  • Operating System Services
  • Why Linux
  • Different types Operating Systems

  • Monolithic
  • Micro etc
  • Basic linux user commands

    Linux root file system structure.

    Introduction to GNU Tool chain

  • GCC compiler
  • Make file
  • GDB
  • Operating system basics

  • Operating system structure,kernel Architecture,system calls
  • Process Management(PCB ,Process creation etc..) (LAB-4)
  • Programs on Process Management
  • Memory Management(Paging, Swapping ,Segmentation Virtual Management etc..)
  • Scheduler(scheduling policies)
  • File management, Open, Read, Write system Calls
  • RTOS basics -Linux as Real Time

  • RTOS Introduction (Hard Real Time,Soft Real Time)
  • Latency in Linux, Priority Inheritance
  • Linux 2.6 features for realtime
  • 2.6 Kernel Compilation
  • RT LINUX patching

  • Linux RTPREEMPT Patches
  • Configuring the Kernel with RT-PATCH
  • Debugging the Real time Kernel
  • High Resolution Timers, The Latency Tracer
  • Implementation of Real Time application

  • Linux real-time API.
  • Testing the Realtime-preempt patch
  • Measuring and comparing scheduling latency in standard Linux and in Linux with the latest RT patches.
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