Learn about hardware description and verification using System Verilog

System Verilog is the perfect blend of hardware description language as well as hardware verification language that is based on extensions to Verilog. The language is used to enhance the readability and reusability of Verilog based code. You can pursue this course offered by us and can learn the higher level of abstraction in terms of design and verification.

Course code : sysVerlogDSGN

Course duration : 4 weeks

Course Objectives:

The complete System Verilog training course is added with objectives like:

  • Explaining about the introduction to the System Verilog language
  • Describing the Verilog hardware description language (HDL) with literal values
  • Complete coverage of the chapter related to procedural statements
  • Explaining about the built-in data types and enumerated types
  • Providing in-depth understanding about array, structures and unions of System Verilog
  • Describing about the Behavioral and Transaction Level Modelling
  • Teaching about design hierarchy and interface
  • Delegates will learn:

  • The actual concept of System Verilog design and synthesis feature
  • The System Verilog procedural blocks, tasks and functions
  • How to enhance hardware-modeling feature
  • The process to navigate System Verilog interface and design hierarchy
  • How to improve the RTL design productivity and simplify the design process
  • The implementation of higher level of abstraction to design and verification
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