Make Your Own Alexa

One day workshop on Alexa on raspberry PI

Duration: 8 Hours

Pre requisite

  • Knowledge on Linux build system

  • Working knowledge on Raspberry Pi is added advantage

  • Working knowledge on ESP32 is added advantage

  • Hands on experience on C

Course Content

  • Understanding Speech recognition mechanisms

  • Basics of Alexa

  • Internals of Alexa ecosystem

    1. AVS
    2. AWS registration for Alexa
  • Alexa Skill creation

  • Setup Raspberry Pi

  • Installing Alexa on Raspberry Pi

    1. Configure and launch AVS on Raspberry Pi
  • Alexa applications

    1. Music Control
    2. Weather
  • Home automation control using Alexa with ESP32 IoT module

Hardware Requirements

  • Raspberry Pi 4

  • ESP32

  • Mic and speaker

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